817 Panadapter Kit

The 817 Panadapter kit is installed in the filter slot inside the 817. It doesn’t need any soldering and it’s pretty easy to install.

From the kit two cables come out: one is an audio cable with a female 3.5 jack that has to be attached to the audio in of a PC/Mac or a tablet/smartphone.

The other cable is a 12v power one. And it can be attached to the battery pack inside the 817 (that’s how I do it) but you may find other solutions for that.

All you have to do is enable the SSB filter in the 817 settings menu (menu 38 – OP FILTER).

Using SDR software that are able to use the audio card as an I/Q input, like HDSDR, PowerSDR IF, SharpSDR or gqrx for PC/Mac or my 817Companion app for Android you’ll be able to monitor a badwidth depending on the sample rate of the sound card.

On Android the sample rate is 48kHz and the bandwidth is half the sample rate (so 24kHz). With the 817Companion app you’ll be able to monitor 12kHz above and 12kHz below the used frequency.

With a PC/Mac it can be more.

The kit is also compatible with the Yeasu 857 and the Yaesu 897.

Also they have the advantage to have more slots and not only one like the 817.

The price is $59.99 + $9 for shipping. Shipping cost is the same for one or more items.

For now we have a limited number available and if you are interested contact me via email 817companion@gmail.com for payment instructions.

The kit installation instructions can be found here:

https://817companion.com/817-panadapter-installation/ ‎

72/73 Andrea IU4APC


14 thoughts on “817 Panadapter Kit

  1. Hello Andrea.. I am wondering if this plug-in is made for the specific filter position that is also used by either the CW or SSB optional filters? If so, have you possibly designed some sort of soft switch to use them both? Thanks


    • Hi Dennis,
      the kit is make to be placed in the filter slot. Unfortunately in the 817 there is just one slot available and it’s not possible to use more than one at the same time. I’ve heard of a sort of “splitter” but never used it and can’t tell you if it can work.

      On the 857 and 897 there are more slots and so there should be no problem there unless they are all full.

      For the 857/897, in theory I can find a command to switch between the slots but I still haven’t played with it.

      I just started coding the 857 Companion app and can’t tell you for now.

      Thanks for your interest!

      72/73 Andrea IU4APC


  2. Hi Andrea…. Thank you for the prompt response. I was hopping that there was some method of putting both in the 817. I researched a bit and the only filter switch available now that I could find is made by W4RT but it is prohibitively expensive. If I had the time I would design an alternative that would acceept 3 optional filters, but wouldn’t know how to program the rig to recognize all three. I guess the ‘Old School” method would be to make it manually switchable using a momentary switch added to the rig physically. I’m not sure it’s worth the trouble though. Looking forward to yourr ‘new’ products that you’re working on.
    Ciao Andrea …. Grazie per la pronta risposta . Mi era molto bello che ci fosse qualche metodo di mettere sia nella 817. ho studiato un po ‘ e l’unico interruttore del filtro disponibile ora che ho potuto trovare è fatta da W4RT ma è proibitivo . Se avessi avuto il tempo vorrei progettare un’alternativa che acceept 3 filtri opzionali , ma non saprei come programmare l’impianto di perforazione di riconoscere tutti e tre. Credo che il ‘ metodo di vecchia scuola ” sarebbe quello di rendere commutabile manualmente con un interruttore momentaneo aggiunto al rig fisicamente . Non sono sicuro che ne vale la pena però. In attesa di yourr ‘ ‘ nuovi prodotti che si sta lavorando .


    • Ciao Dennis,
      thanks for the info.
      I’ll do more researches and see if I can come out with an inexpensive solution 😉
      Keep me updated and I’ll try to do the same myself.
      72/73 Andrea IU4APC


  3. Ciao Andrea,
    complimenti per il progetto, molto comodo allacciare il panadapter al socket dei filtri ed usarlo su android tramite bluetooth… attendo notizie sulla versione per l’857. 😉

    73’s Tommaso HB9FEZ


    • You’ve seen well 🙂
      But can’t tell you when it’ll be released.
      I’m super busy with my day job and don’t have time for personal development 😦
      72/73 Andrea IU4APC


  4. Your 817 panadapter kit looks like a great option! If you can come up with a similar option for those of us who already have one (or two) filters installed in the 817, even if such an option would require soldering, I imagine you’d sell quite a few.

    For your reference here’s the 817 dual filter option I already have in place:


  5. Ciao Andrea. Vorrei sapere se il kit funziona anche con l’857. Inoltre vorrei acquistare il tuo SW, sempre per la stessa radio. E’ compatibile?
    Cordialmente, Giuseppe.


    • Ciao Giuseppe,
      il kit funziona con l’857 ma non l’app perchè fatta per lavorare solo con l’817.
      Sto lavorando ad una versione per l’857 ma non so ancora quando sarà pronta.
      72/73 Andrea IU4APC


  6. Hi,
    Do you have this panadapter kit available now?
    If not, could you provide an estimate of when it’ll be available.

    I ask because a friend said he thought you were on backorder for these units. Apologies if this is incorrect…

    Thank you!


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