I have problems connecting. Can you help me?

Make sure that the app and the Yaesu 817 are using the same serial Baudrate. By default the app works at 9600bps and I suggest you to set the 817 at the same speed (menu 9600).
It’s mandatory that the app and the 817 are set to work at the same baudrate.


To connect using a USB Serial cable you need an OTG USB cable adapter.
Attach the OTG Cable adapter to the USB CAT cable and attach the miniUSB port to the one of your Android device.

A popup like this should appear:


It is asking which app you want to use for USB connection. Press OK. If more than one app are listed, select “817 Companion” and press “Just Once”.

If the popup is not showing it means that there’s some other app that’s been set as default for USB communication. In this case you have to reset default apps. To do that go to your Android settings > Apps and select “Reset app preferences” from the top right menu. Click “RESET APPS”.

Now try attaching the OTG+USB cable again to your device and check if the popup shows. If not, try rebooting the Android device.

If the popup doesn’t show even after the reboot, then it means that the OTG cable adapter or the USB CAT cable is faulty.

To test the OTG USB cable adapter take a USB keyboard or mouse and attach to the OTG cable adapter. Attach it to the Android device and see if it works. If it works then it’s not the OTG cable adapter. If the mouse or keyboard don’t work then it’s the OTG cable.

To test the USB CAT cable try using it with a PC/Mac and see if it works properly. If it works then it’s not the USB CAT cable. If it doesn’t work then most likely there is the problem.

Once you see the above mentioned popup and clicked “Just once” the 817 Companion app should open.

To connect via USB you have to single press the On/off button. If everything is ok you should see the frequency on the app match the one on the 817. Success!

Bluetooth Dongles

The steps to connect with Bluetooth dongles are very simple:

  • Connect the dongle to the 817
  • Power on the 817
  • Make sure that the 817 is set to the baudrate needed by your Bluetooth dongle (menu 14)
  • Open the 817 Companion app
  • Make sure that the app is set to work at the same baudrate you just set in the 817 (Settings button in the frequency Navigator)
  • Long press the On/Off button

At this point the frequency should match the one on the 817.

If it doesn’t, test the Bluetooth dongle with a PC/Mac first to understand if there’s any issue in it.

can you give me more information about the panadapter kit and how to get it?

You can find all the information at the “panadapter” page.


The 817 Companion app is only available for Android. Unfortunately Apple doesn’t allow serial communication via Bluetooth or USB.

The only solutions actually are to use WiFi or BLE. The only WiFi solution that I know is the Piglet and there’s actually no commercial solution for BLE. I have a working BLE prototype but is not commercially available yet.

BLE is also not compatible with all the iOS devices as it needs Bluetooth 4.0 and only the latest devices supports it.

So despite of the fact that I’d really like to port the app to iOS, Apple is making things difficult and strictly depending on not so common hardware.


Actually it doesn’t but I’m already working on a 857 Companion app but can’t tell you when it’ll be available. It shouldn’t take too much. I think before the end of September… maybe before.

For the 897 things are a little more difficult as I don’t have access to an 897 so can’t test what I develop. So definitely out of the plans for now.

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      • Hello Andrea,
        I found your 817 Companion and love it.. I see you were working on the 857 Companion but don’t see any thing more about it. I would really love to add this to my 857 and know of a couple of hams in the area that would love it too. Any update on the 857 Companion



  1. Nexus 7 (2013)
    Android Version 6.0.1
    Android Security Patch Level May 1, 2016
    Kernel Version 3.4.0-g1683ab8
    Build number MOB30J

    “Allow the app 817 COmpanion to access the USB device?
    ___ Use by default for this USB device
    Cancel OK” (I pressed OK)

    The GTO USB cable works with the tablet and a USB keyboard.
    The USB/Cat cable from RT Systems works correctly to upload and download frequency and system settings from a Windows 7 laptop to the FT-817ND.

    I have matched baudrate from App to 817 (and have tried each rate.)

    When I depress the ON tab I receive a red “Error opening USB port” Once that happens the error continues.

    The radio’s frequency is not displaying.

    Is the version I’m running causing difficulty or is there something else you suggest I can try? I can’t wait to get this running — it’s a beautiful program!

    Many thanks!

    Zane Darner, KA7UOR


  2. Andrea, I am having problems with getting the app to talk to the 817. I get a java error each time I try to connect. I read the coments, and followed the recommendation to uninstall the app, I did. I now get from Google, that the app is all ready installed, and I can’t reinstall. Help! -Bill


  3. if this is a java based app for Android, would it be relatively easy to port to Linux, OS X, and Window? I’d love to run it in Ubuntu. Please consider!


  4. I need help here. 817 baud rate matches. Android Galaxy Tab A. I see Bluetooth device on Android and it is paired. The device is blinking blue when startup. I press the OFF button long press. App says searching for devices but then says” No device found”. Suggestions??


    • which android version do you use? 6.0 or higher? I have the same problems here with Android 6.0 and 7.0 on two different devices.

      73, Christian – DL6RDM


  5. I have Computer Lenovo TAB3 Essintial and USB adabter LD-C100 USB to CT-62. Works with PC and Ham radio deluxe. OTG gabel works fine with keyboard and mouse, but not your app, Is there some solutions for that?


  6. Hi Andrea,
    I have two questions regarding ADIF export:
    When I try the export, the frequency is wrong, it is kHz instead of Mhz.
    Furthermore, the RST fields are always 3digit, even in non-CW modes. This causes some trouble after import into PC software.

    Could you please have a look?
    Thanks, Robert, DL4ROB


  7. Hi Andrea!
    Is this correct what you have wrote before? To test the OTG USB cable adapter take a USB keyboard or mouse and attach to the OTG cable adapter. Attach it to the Android device and see if it works. If it works then it’s not the OTG cable adapter. If the mouse or keyboard don’t work then it’s the OTG cable. My OTG adabter works with mouse and keyboard with Lenovo TAB3 7 Essential.
    817 Companion is not workin in my Lenovo tab with usb/otg connection with LD-100 USB to CT-62 cable. LD-100 works well with my PC and HRD!
    Regards, Kari OH2KOJ


  8. Hello Andrea,
    I am having a problem connecting to DXcluster. I’m getting an error at DXcluster error 1064 also the apps will not connect to DXcluster I’m using netzero for internet. The app work for the first few times then stop connecting to the cluster


  9. The CAT cable uses the ACC socket on the 817, but so does my LDG ATU. If I make a splitter can the two devices be connected in parallel?


      • Sorry to hear that there are no plans for the FT 857… I have 857 and I’m 100% interested in the software. I guess that a lot of other ham operators will be interested too – because gui of your sotware looks nice and whole software is very useful and 857 radios are still in production and very popular. Do you think that in the future can i buy 857 version?


  10. Hello OM Andrea,

    yesterday I spent the whole day to get two different Bluetooth modules working with the 817 compagnion, which I downloaded from the google playstore. I tried it with twoAndroid devices. One is a Smartphone from Sony with Android 6.0.1 and the other is a tablet from Samsung with Android 7.0.

    After installing Pocket rxtx from Dan I discovered the same Problems.
    I sent an email to him and he replied:

    “Starting with Android 6.0 and up, Google changed the way Bluetooth
    discovery works, requiring Location Services rights. ”

    Dan gave me a link for a newer version of his software and now everything works fine.

    Because of the fact, that I would prefer using your app together with my fT817 I wonder, if you have a newer version which works with Android 6.0 and up…

    Thanks very much for your help!




      • Hi Andrea, did you get in the meantime a Yaesu FT-857D radio for further development? If not, why did you start that project? Just for fun?!

        With my warmest regards,


  11. I can not get either usb cable or Bluetooth dongel to Work. Both cable and Bluetooth Work on my PC and Mac. I can connect with Bluetooth terminal on Android to the ft817, but not with the companion software. Reinstalled the software but no.


  12. Hi,I’ve got the software installed no problem but my FBT06 CAT bluetooth adaptor is not connecting. I’ve tried multiple devices and the baud rate but it just fails to connect. Some one said the 817 Companion MUST talk to the 817 via an official Blue Cat but as these are no longer available I go the closest bluetooth cat adaptor I could find but I think I’ve wasted £20 if the software is now defunct due to no bluetooth interface facility. Dan


    • Hi Patrick,

      I took the app out of the store as it needs to be updated but I don’t have time now.

      But if you really want it you can still find it on the Amazon app store 😉



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