817 Panadapter Installation


The installation of the 817 Panadapter Kit is very simple.

The kit is compatible with the Yaesu 817, 857 and 897.

Here’s a video showing the steps (thanks as usual to Julian OH8GEJ for recording it):

Here are the steps to be taken for the installation:

  1. Open the radio and localize the filter slot. In the Yaesu 817 only one is available. In the 857 and 897 multiple slots are available.
  2. Install the kit in the filter slot making sure that you are installing it in the right direction.
  3. Place the audio out cable (with 3.5 fame jack) so that it can be accessed from outside the radio box when you’ll close the radio cover.
  4. Connect power to the other cable is for the power. The kit can be powered with 8v-15v. We suggest you to use the internal battery (for the 817/857) to power it. Remember that black cable is the negative.
  5. Enable the filter in the radio menu. Usually it works by setting the filter to SSB but sometimes it may require to be set to CW. Firstly try with SSB.
  6. Close the radio

Now you can connect a stereo (male-male) cable from the panadapter kit audio out to your PC/Mac/Tablet/Smartphone audio in.

For the 817 Companion Android app make sure that you are using a tablet/smartphone that has an audio in port. Many devices embed the audio in port in the earphones jack port and you need an audio in/out splitter to make it available.

A description of how this cable is done can be found here:


If you have any problem with it, contact us at 817companion@gmail.com

72/73 Andrea IU4APC